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Started by Osluz, Feb 23, 2020, 07:33 PM

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Hello there, I'm new - I arrived here by finding a link somewhere, I got immediately hooked by the background photo and the site name, as I'm a big fan of girls with big ass.. oh wait .. I'm just kiddin, or maybe not.

So I suggest making here in Chat Discussions "Introductions" for those who want to make topics introducing themselves like me, as well with "Community Suggestions" is always good to see epic people like me suggesting stuff into the community.

Oh and my question is,
So, what is this about?


Hi there! Welcome to our community!

I love the ideas! I think I'll add them! Our servers actually do have suggestion boards, (titled "Ideas"), but I didn't think to make one that was community-wide for some reason, which is a huge mistake on my part. I'm happy you suggested it! :)

To answer your other question, Asshat Gaming is a community full of friendly users that just want to have a good time gaming together, or doing whatever else. (We even have several people that rarely game at all, who just hang out in our Discord server and chat. Some are also programmers and anime fans, and we even have a few game streamers too). Our goal is to create a place where all can have fun. As you can see, even our name and logo exhibits some of the fun and silliness we enjoy here! (And believe me, there's a whole ton of silly in our chats and games).

Right now we have 11 game and chat servers online, as well as other various web services, with our most popular location for users being our Discord server. You can find all of the connection details for these under the "Community Services" link at the top, right corner of the page if you're interested in them.

If you wish to join our Discord too, this is the join link here:


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