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Started by SugarD-x, Oct 24, 2018, 03:50 AM

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Just as a brief guide to help our players better understand how the various ranks in our community work, I've created this very brief explanation of the roles that each rank holds:

Server Owner: Head of the community. Usually a founder and/or person who pays all the bills. Has absolute final say over anything and everything in the community. Has full administrative powers in all servers. Oversees and assigns Community Leaders as needed.

Community Leader: Assistant to the Server Owners. Makes executive decisions for the community in the Server Owners' absence. Oversees community operations and addresses global issues that affect multiple servers/services. Has full administrative powers in all servers. Oversees and manages all Division Leaders.

Division Leader: Head of a server's entire division. Controls development and administration within the server. Has full administrative powers in their server. Oversees and assigns Managers and Developers. Has both management and development authority. Handles issues relating to management and development as a whole. Server-specific rank.

Manager: Manages day to day operations of a server. Oversees and manages Administrators and Moderators. Has full administrative powers in their server. Ensures Administrators and Moderators properly handle their jobs, and assists them with any major incidents or issues involving the administration of users. Server-specific rank.

Administrator: Full administrator who has passed all required training and is seen as capable of doing their job without constant supervision. Handles basic administration functions of their server involving users that are rule-breaking. Server-specific rank.

Moderator: Entry-level administrator that is learning the administrative functions, and has some basic administrative abilities in their server. Supervised while obtaining the necessary knowledge to properly handle malicious users, and helping users with how to play. Server-specific rank.

User: Your basic, normal player with no special abilities. This position contains no official title, and is only listed here as a general reference for comparison with other ranked positions.

Note: While all persons within the community regardless of rank are considered users to some degree or another, those with specifically-assigned rank titles contain the applicable rights and authority as mentioned above.

Developer: Part of a server's development team. They help create things needed by the server or community, such as scripts, media, maps, and the like. They have no administrative rights on their own, however if a Developer happens to also separately be a Moderator or above, this would not be restricted so long as their abilities in both positions are not abused. Server-specific rank. Rank is separate from the administrative ranking system.