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Started by SugarD-x, Dec 20, 2018, 09:50 pm

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It has come to my attention that certain other people in another former community that our founders came from have decided to spread false rumors about us, and try to scare away users. As a result, I have decided to make a post to clear some things up for both our faithful and potential users, and for those creating the rumors.

I just want to make this very clear right now. Anyone and everyone are allowed to play in our community, regardless of who they are, as long as they follow our rules and are respectful toward other users. (Yes, that even includes you guys who are creating the rumors, and you know who you are).

That being said, it is one of our internal, unwritten policies here that we allow all users to play in as many communities as they want. If you play in another community and want to play here too, we won't stop you. That is your right, and as long as you continue to follow our rules here, and don't try to do anything malicious to other communities in our name, (or vice versa), you can come and go all day long as you please. We will not ban you. We will not restrict you. We will not tell you to choose where you play. We are open and welcome to everyone here, and we understand that the internet is a vast place full of many things worth experiencing. We are here to create a friendly environment for people to enjoy, and although we would prefer that you stick around, we won't force you to do such. That is your choice, and we want it to stay your choice so you are happy to be here when you are.

Now that being said, I appreciate all of you that have come forth to bring this issue to my attention so we could clear the air once and for all. I personally want to make sure that everyone feels safe playing here so they can enjoy their time, so this is very important to me that this be made known.

Also, for those that continue to spy on our servers to monitor our progress, you are more than welcome to stick around. There is no need to spy on us. You are allowed to be here too as long as you follow our rules. As I said earlier in this post, anyone and everyone is allowed to play in our community. That includes you too. You are all welcome here. :)