hi im mario_12323 aka austin

Started by austinmb2, Feb 21, 2019, 10:34 PM

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well it's been suggested that i make a post here, so here i am lol  :o . i've been playing on the server for a bit now and i wanna help the newcomers. i try to get online as much as i can, i enjoy the community. i'll usually be on after school hours, and i can be there to watch to make sure theres no drama. soo, i hope you think it's a good idea to have me on your team, i'd love to help out wherever you'll let me.


Congrats, you have been accepted! Welcome to the MC Admin club! ;D


For administrative documentation purposes, this user's account was transferred from the borrowed account of "MyBodyIsReggie", (formerly known as "mario_12323"), to the personal account of "Vic_85".