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Started by Vortrex, Apr 14, 2021, 09:09 AM

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In-Game Rules

  • No metagaming (mixing OOC and IC)
  • No powergaming (forcing somebody to do something or using impossible/god-like actions).
  • Roleplay does NOT stop unless a staff member says otherwise.
  • Don't use symbols, emoji, or abbreviations in IC chats.
  • Using names of famous people or characters is not allowed.
  • Profanity is allowed in IC chats but don't go overboard with it. Try to keep it civil.
  • Absolutely no terrorism or extreme violence roleplay.
  • Using non-English languages in IC chat is allowed, as long as you provide a translation in parentheses. Example: ¿Eh, cómo te va? (How's it going?)

  • Hacks and cheats are strictly forbidden. Using these will lead to instant permaban
  • Do not exploit game mechanics for unfair advantages or unrealistic actions.

  • Do not randomly kill players or NPCs without having a legitimately pre-established IC reason.
  • All items are displayed in chat when taking out or putting away. Do not attempt to bypass this.
  • Any staff members have final say for any situation as long as it's within the scope of their duties.

  • All weapons must be mentioned in descriptions when requested. There is NO concealed carry.
  • Because of the items system, only one weapon can be equipped at a time. Do not attempt to bypass this.
  • Do not taze somebody who is carrying a lethal weapon.


Discord Rules

1. Respect All Users
Flaming, trolling, provoking, taunting, disrespecting, or otherwise attempting to attack users is not allowed in any way, and will be dealt with strictly by the administration. If you are joking around and saying something bad to another user, be certain that the other user is well aware and has agreed to do such before you start. If they take offense to it, depending on the situation, you may be punished. Remember, while we want you all to have fun together, everyone is equal in this community. Please keep it friendly.

2. Use Common Sense
Our intent is to create a community that is welcoming to all users regardless of belief, gender, sexual orientation, background, ethnicity, or any other personal factors. That being said, while our rules are enforced at all times, common sense does apply to them. That means that there may be obvious exceptions where someone's intent may not be malicious in nature, or where a punishment may be issued for something that is not a written rule. Please try to use your head when making decisions, and we will try to do the same. That also means that any attempt to bypass the written rules, or otherwise abuse the fact that a written rule is missing, may lead to you being punished for malicious behavior. We try our best, but we can't possibly document and disallow every potential problem before it becomes an issue. If you think of a rule we don't have listed here, suggest it, but don't abuse it! The whole point of this community is to have fun, so we also don't want to become tyrants with this.

3. No Excessive Spamming
Excessive spamming only annoys users. There is no reason to do this. It ruins the fun environment for everyone when they can't read each other's text. Please refrain from doing this. (That also means don't send bots into our community to flood the chats with IP addresses to other servers).

4. No Malicious Attacks
Anyone caught attempting to hack, damage, "lag", DoS attack, unlawfully access, or otherwise harm or maliciously attack Asshat Gaming, it's community, it's servers, it's users, and/or any property owned by those listed will be immediately route-banned without question, and legal action will be taken. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

5. No Discussion of Piracy or Unlawful Acts
Any discussions regarding piracy, or anything deemed illegal or unlawful, will result in the immediate ban of the involved users. This community is meant to be a safe place for gamers to come together, and we cannot allow it to be put at risk for the sake of a small few that wish to break the law.

Note: These Server Rules may change at any time without warning or notification. It is your responsibility to check and know these before engaging in the server at any given time.


Division Staff


GTA III Server

Vice City Server

San Andreas Server

GTA IV Server

Mafia 1 Server
  • Server Manager: Vortrex
  • Administrator: (Vacant)
  • Moderator: (Vacant)

Mafia 2 Server
  • Server Manager: Vortrex
  • Administrator: (Vacant)
  • Moderator: (Vacant)