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Started by SugarD-x, Apr 07, 2021, 11:55 am

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The new forum theme has been released!!! For our friends who haven't been following, this includes a fancy new light and dark mode, which is user-selectable by clicking the "Theme Mode" button at the top of the page. This new theme also includes cleaner references to our services, and much faster load times using better icon, CSS, and image methods. As always, if you find any issues, please let us know!

That being said, everyone has been switched over to the new theme. You can still select the old theme from your profile settings, however be aware that it is broken due to a lack of major changes within SMF, as well as our desire to migrate away from third-party services where possible. It is also worth noting that the "ShoutCast Radio" information is purely for development purposes right now, and the Listen URL currently does not yet work. (Hint hint: We are working on setting up a ShoutCast Radio station soon, so this will eventually go live!)