Development Roadmap

Started by Vortrex, May 08, 2022, 03:07 PM

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Development Roadmap

Scripted NPC's, for clans and more

The plan is to have two types of NPC's on the server: ambient and persistent.
Ambient NPC's are the traffic and peds that come and go. They just make the city more alive. They don't interact with the player, and eventually vanish just as easily as they appeared, forever gone. Persistent NPC's are the scripted ones. At first there will only be static NPC's like clerks at stores, or reception desk in buildings like police stations, banks and such. As the script becomes more developed, NPC's will have names, and can be interacted with in various ways. They can be in jobs or player clans, and clan members with the ManageNPCs permission can set their clan NPC's various triggers and behaviors. I have a lot planned for this.

Using and making them

Drug items are already available on the server, and any business owner can import them to their stores using the /bizorder command, but their creation and functionality is limited. The plan is two parts. First, damage reduction. Drugs will reduce incoming damage, and the amount of reduction varies depending on drug, and can be stacked if you do drugs multiple times in a row. This is great if your clan is going to raid another, and it makes for some great RP. Imagine smoking and snorting, getting hyped up on the way to a raid with your friends! The second plan is to add ways to make them, like coke and pot plants, meth labs, etc. Not a fully interactive process ... you just get the stuff needed, start it, and let it do it's thing over time. Each one of these will slowly make drugs, so the more you have setup, the faster you can crank them out and dominate the market, and the more likely cops will find it!

A LOT more!

So far the servers have several jobs available, but I plan to add a lot more.

Simple and complex GUI, players choice

The script is currently designed to have a command backup for everything (and any of them can be binded to keys!), but the plan is to add GUI for a lot of stuff. Two levels of GUI are planned: simple and complex. Simple GUI is like SA-MP where each one has only one thing: single list, input/password box, message box, etc. The complex GUI will be more like actual apps or websites: sidebar, panels, tabbed sections, etc. Players will be able to switch between both GUI levels. The simple one will be much easier on low-end PCs and for smaller screens. Of course, any player can just turn GUI off altogether.

Languages for a truly international community

I've made it no secret that I want Asshat Gaming's GTACRP servers to be a truly international community, and I've done a lot of scripting so far to add support for translations. Currently the server has several translations available (some incomplete), provided by community members. The plan is to add an automatic translator for chat, but each player can turn it off if they want. I know online translators aren't entirely accurate, but hopefully it'll help bridge some of the gap. GUI will also be translation-friendly, using the community-provided translations.